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Mastering these points can make the creative screen shine

As we all know, led creative display screen, with its unique product shape, unique customization and personalization, has opened another market of LED display industry. In the field of creative display, we can see that the application scope of LED special-shaped screen is also expanding.

Then how to enlarge the characteristics of LED creative display products can be summarized as follows:

1. The creative display screen shall conform to the building structure of the installation site. Different scenes use different product shapes and structures, and you can customize the shapes that match the scenes. With different sizes of triangles, rectangles, arcs splicing out of the characteristics of the shape. Arc screens are used for tunnel scenes and unique DJ stations are used for bars, but they are not limited to these scenes and screens.

2. The creative display screen shall be designed to fit the cultural theme of the scene as much as possible. The relationship between the shape of creative display screen and application place can improve the identification of brand or scene. For example, the case of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport of mingxingguang is a model. Mingxinguang's existing alien products can't be combined with all the cultural themes, so customers need to communicate with us when they apply them, and customize the corresponding creativity.


3. Playing materials matching with creative screen modeling. There are many kinds of playing materials, but it is very important for the creative screen to show a perfect display effect. The display material must be combined with the product modeling to reflect the difference between the creative screen and the conventional screen. Display material and modeling use the same contour, material in the display range of modeling and other features to make creative display screen glow.

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