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The market demand of LED transparent screen is booming and the prospect is promising!

With the overall technology maturity and price decline of LED display industry chain, with the concepts of mobile Internet, 5g and "new retail", the huge imagination space of LED transparent screen in the media industry for a long time is gradually becoming reality.

Led transparent screen with transparent, light and thin features, is currently a good display product with glass window display. Through the cool video display of LED transparent screen, it can greatly attract the attention of customers, enhance the attention of stores, enhance the brand image, and promote the sales of businesses. Therefore, led transparent screen has been widely concerned and popular in the market. Now, whether it's a commercial complex, a shopping mall, a 4S shop or a window, SLR is a place with glass, and it's a market with transparent LED display. For example, in the building lighting project, the glass screens needed in the future are likely to be replaced by the LED transparent display screen of Maipu luster, and the number of such projects is still increasing, and the market scale is gradually expanding.

1、 Market demand

With the continuous development and progress of LED display technology, people's requirements for outdoor advertising media are higher and higher, and the traditional advertising light box, poster and other media have been unable to meet the new advertising development and demand of people, so outdoor high-definition LED display screen stands out, quickly become a new trend of new media development. In such a large environment, transparent LED display began to gradually occupy the market demand, especially in the application field of glass curtain wall.

At the same time, in the urban planning and construction, the glass window engineering is more popular, which makes the indoor transparent LED screen come into being. Cooperating with the transparent LED screen to display the excellent glass window engineering building, the engineering building has the fashion, color diversity, modernity and sense of science and technology, giving people a unique expressive force.

2、 Product advantages

At present, no matter the traditional LED display products or the new subdivision products, the LED display is developing towards the light and thin direction. From outdoor fixed installation to indoor large screen display, the trend of "transparency" is more and more obvious. At the same time, the application scope of transparent LED display screen is further expanded in the overlay use of precision advertising push, human screen interaction, VR and other technologies.

The LED transparent screen has stepped into the public's sight with a new and upgraded installation mode - indoor installation and outdoor video viewing. The new application methods, the development trend of video technology and the design concept close to the needs of the mass market promote its rapid development in the short term, and a new investment hotspot has begun to take shape.

1. The permeability can be higher than 65% - 95%. The transparency and ventilation do not affect the original lighting and visual field of the engineering building, especially the design concept of the appearance of the engineering building has no other aesthetic direction;

2. Simplify the box design, reduce the width of the box keel and the number of LED light bars to support the fixed pole; light and thin, no need to install additional steel structure, directly attached to the original keel installation of the curtain wall, saving space and installation cost;

3. Indoor installation and outdoor video viewing are more secure and convenient for system maintenance. For some special projects or special areas, it can reduce the filing application of users or even save the application process, reduce the specific implementation time and cost budget of the project;

4. It is light in texture, often used in conjunction with curtain wall glass and toughened glass window advertisements, without adding other additional frames, and relies on the installation of the inherent frame, which is more secure and cost controlled;

5. The customized box size can be customized according to the installation environment of the project, so that the box keel and the glass keel at the installation site of the project can be fully integrated, and the area of transparent and sheltered area can be reduced. The level of maximum value reduces the cost budget of customers. Most of the LED transparent screens are used in curtain wall glass and window display. The installation of indoor environment is complex. The new products can be customized to assist the structural characteristics of glass curtain wall. The common LED screens are mainly standardized products. The customized production cost is very high and the difficulty is huge;

5. Screen structure and shape customization (arc, cylinder, elliptical column, cone, etc.) can be customized by the designer according to the needs of the project;

6. The design concept is fashionable and beautiful, full of sense of science and technology, which is very suitable for the "Media Engineering Construction" industry. Its future development follows this emerging market trend and successfully opens up this new media advertising media.

7. Indoor installation, outdoor viewing: easy to maintain, safe, and reduce many approval processes, even without approval;

3、 Market size

The application scenario of transparent LED display screen has been expanded to large glass window engineering construction and commercial glass window. The sales market is larger and becomes a new hotspot of new media development prospect. This kind of new transparent LED display technology has the advantages of 70-85% transparency and 1.0mm PCB thickness. The product can be easily installed behind the glass window, and the panel specification can be customized, which is not easy to affect the indoor lighting rate, but also conducive to installation and maintenance.

The sales market of transparent LED display screen the new transparent LED display screen has opened up a new application scenario and has a great market prospect. For the engineering construction media industry, it is a new outdoor media resource to adapt to the new market trend. The transparent LED display screen is covered by glass windows in urban buildings, airports, auto exhibition halls, hotels, financial institutions, franchise stores, etc., with excellent advertising market price

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